Karen Oakley – Principle

Karen Oakley – Principle and Founder of ‘Yoga for Peace’ – an accredited Shanti Yoga teacher, trained under internationally renowned yoga master Shanti Gowans, founder and director of the Meditation Institute on the Gold Coast.

Karen has taught in and around the Berwick area for many years to a long standing clientele, her dedication, commitment and love of yoga in conjunction with a long association with the health industry enables Karen to bring an incredible energy to her classes.

At ‘Yoga for Peace’ classes students learn to embrace peace of mind, health and tranquillity as they enjoy the gentle but complete yoga breath and movements in a total exercise program. Each class provides a well-balanced, time efficient workout, adaptable and suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes and current fitness levels.

“I was interested in exercise from an early age and during my childhood, I enjoyed carefree weekends and holidays riding my horse around the bayside suburb of Hampton. As I Grew up it was the ‘Jane Fonda workouts’ and Aerobics that took my interest and after years of “sweating it out “at the local gym I started to question if this was what I really needed and whether it was helping my already overactive mind and body. Then, while on holidays on the Gold Coast Queensland a friend took me to a ‘Shanti Yoga Class’ and straight away I realised what I needed to do so I swapped my aerobic gear for a yoga mat!

For the next 20 years I enjoyed practising the many different styles of yoga. I then decided I would like to learn more about this amazing practise so undertook 2 years of study and in 2001 I obtained a Certificate 4 in Yoga Teaching Training. The study was such a life changing experience for me that I decided to continue my studies and went on to obtain a Diploma in Yoga Teaching. I then did further studies in the yoga sister science of Ayurveda for 12 months in 2008. In 2012 I further developed my education by travelling to India with Shanti Gowans, Australian renowned teacher, to enhance my awareness of the ethos & principles of yoga.  I am currently studying  Yoga Therapy with Yoga Therapy Australia.

I feel honoured to share my enthusiasm and the knowledge I have gained to the students who come to ‘Yoga for Peace’ to help them build a healthier, stronger body and Immune system by encouraging them to apply the philosophical basis of Yoga so that they don’t force their bodies but rather work with awareness and breath so that their practise is both satisfying and safe.”

Karen Oakley