Pauline Jones – Harkaway

If ever you wanted to join a yoga Group, this is the one.

Not only do you get to learn about relaxation and stretch out your limbs, you get to freely have your chakras balanced, your soul revived, your energy replenished and enjoy a social cuppa with likeminded people as well as a delicious slice of Karen’s homemade cake.

Karen has fully embraced the yoga philosophy: she lives and breathes the embodiment of yoga, in her caring and nurturing for every being.

Karen is consistently punctual and completely prepares the room for each session. Her classes run smoothly with a focus on each individual’s ability. A particularly impressive quality of Karen’s instruction is the individual attention and support she provides to each of her students providing a range of options to enable all to participate at their level. Thus her classes professionally, knowledgeably and effectively cater for mixed abilities. This is a clear reflection of her years of experience as a Yoga Instructor.

I have been attending Karen’s Yoga Group for a couple of years now since moving into the area. I recently underwent unexpected major surgery. I have been enormously supported by the lifetime friends I have made in these classes and Karen in my quest for wellness again.

Karen’s enjoyment of the practice of yoga is very apparent in her instruction in which she incorporates much insight regarding the spiritual and physical benefits. She integrates a great deal of variety from class to class whilst building on and continually refining the foundations of yoga.

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Karen as a Yoga Instructor for both experienced and new comers to yoga.

Leeanne Zissimous – Narre Warren

Fantastic Yoga Class

I haven’t been with Karen too long but since i have been attending Karen’s Classes i have been able to relax, switch my mind off and let go of things i couldn’t normally. I have been able to slow down and just be with myself and my practice. Karen allows me to take my time on the mat. With a warm welcome and a huge smile when i arrive i just feel apart of her community. I am so happy i located and contacted Karen and i look forward to many more classes with her.

Adele Daly – BERWICK

Fantastic Teacher.

Karen is an amazing yoga teacher, I could not recommend her highly enough. Karen’s classes are warm and inviting and Karen’s friendly manner always makes you feel welcome no matter what level you are at with your yoga practise. Karen’s instructions are always very clear and she always reminds the class in a positive manner to concentrate on our own bodies abilities and requirements.


I love my Yoga… Karen you are an outstanding yoga instructor. Your classes cater for the beginner through to the more accomplished and I come out of the class feeling fantastic… Thankyou!


It is our privilege to have you as our yoga teacher. Each class gives me a better understanding of myself and a better understanding of yoga and the benefits for me (and anyone who participates). Your classes are so easy to follow and I love the way you encourage us to set our intention for the practice, and to listen to our bodies and where we are in the moment. You make it clear how to get the best from our yoga practice. I love the multi-level class and the opportunity it gives me to stretch myself on days my body feels good. Thank you for your passion and your inspiration.


Karen’s clear and simple instructions make each Yoga movement easy for beginners, as well as experienced students, to follow. I feel fit and relaxed after a class and really miss it when I can’t get there.


I have enjoyed karen’s classes for over 10 years.

At 60 plus I suffer badly from arthritis and find that Yoga exercises keep me supple. It is non-competitive and each student works at their own pace and physical level.

Stretching and relaxation are of particular benefit.


I have practice Yoga for the past ten years and have found it has helped with a back injury sustained some years ago. The physical strength and flexibility I have gained from Yoga has had an enormous benefit and I would recommend Karen’s classes to persons of all age groups and fitness levels.


Yoga has improved our posture, strength and flexibility. We have benefited most from learning new techniques to improve our breathing.